leadVantage is a self-serve product that provides lead generation and conversion tracking engines for account executives in lending organizations. No more chasing leads – our groundbreaking solution finds them for you. We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Leads generated for prospects most likely to convert
Campaigns with call priority ranking generated for prospects and current clients
Self-serve campaign model provides visualization and reports for market performance and reach
Leads can be integrated with clients CRM system – Salesforce is currently supported out of the box
Salesforce visualization components available with market intelligence
leadsVantage includes connectors to SQL databases for lead optimization
leadsVantage requires a CoreLogic Platinum license. Engines are available as an Azure cloud solution, on-prem or hybrid model


Mining for sales leads is part hard work, part gut feel, and part good luck. Despite all the automation that software has brought to the field, it’s still a numbers game, and still too much ‘shot in the dark’ efforts.

“We’ve got every piece of sales software known to humankind for our sales teams, and it’s still not enough. That is just frustrating, not to mention inefficient. We don’t need more ‘reminders’ and other assorted organizational tools. We need a better way to identify the best targets, a
better way to know how and when to reach them, and maybe most importantly of all, better ways to talk to them.”

The EVP of Sales and Marketing for a multinational pharma corporation outlined what she wanted, what she needed, and added her direct ‘ask’ of machineVantage: “What do you bring to the table that’s different? And why would I buy it?”

She got her answer, in three parts: artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning systems, and advanced neuroscience knowledge. machineVantage incorporates all three components in the leadVantage product, which is custom-built for sales and lead development programs. AI algorithms process vast amounts of data to identify and prioritize lead candidates on a local, regional, national, and international level. ML systems calculate and signal the most effective methods to target those candidates: timing, frequency, and similar criteria. Advanced neuroscience knowledge synthesizes the most effective sales pitches to deliver, based upon the core neuroscientific learning that the non-conscious mind dictates more than 95% of daily decisions—specifically including purchase decisions.

“Ultimately it was the neuro aspect that sold me on the leadVantage system. I’m what I’d describe as a hard sell’, but when I see something that’s truly new and better, common sense drives that decision. Or maybe I should give that credit instead to my non-conscious!”