medVantage is a cloud product that supports mobile applications for health condition management.

Can AI and MI significantly improve health? Our groundbreaking medical solutions help you with your goal of helping others. We offer a unique way of assisting you in solving your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Mobile applications are generated ground up using a neuroscience driven taxonomy model
Applications are HIPPAA compliant
Mobile applications include the following modules
Mobile Backend can be integrated with Hospital Backend systems including Clinician Dashboard, Authentication, Prescription and Patient Scheduling
Mobile backend includes a high-performance Notification Engine
medVantage includes proprietary models for Condition Progression Management


Staying healthy…managing medical conditions…making healthcare decisions, and practices, more effective and more efficient. Increasingly, in an aging world, these basic considerations are rapidly ramping up in terms of consumers’ priorities.

And, as a direct result, making the delivery of better, more accurate, easier-to-use healthcare systems a top priority for the entire medical profession, from doctors to institutions.

“We know we need to respond to the changing ways that our customers want to use to stay on top of their healthcare issues. Apps are a wonderful way of doing that, and consumers adopt them so readily today. We have the expert knowledge of condition diagnosis, and condition treatment and management, but we don’t have the expertise to combine all that in a way that our customers will find as appealing and useful as possible. That’s where medVantage came in for us.”

– VP of Marketing for a major regional healthcare company in the U. S.

medVantage addresses that need with a system that applies high-powered artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced neuroscience knowledge to develop apps that enable consumers to interact with expert healthcare information sources, and learn better ways to address their individual healthcare needs. All the sophisticated algorithmically-driven infrastructure is hidden behind user-friendly interfaces. The result is higher levels of app adoption, and most importantly app effectiveness.

“We can track app users not only in terms of how many downloads are made, but also how often and how extensively the app is accessed. What we’re seeing exceeds our projections. Our analysis is that medVantage gives us ‘the competitive edge’ when it comes to delivering what our customers want and expect from us. This is where AI really demonstrates a real-world difference.”