We’re doing groundbreaking work in three categories to solve your business needs. Within each group, we offer three different products that can be tailored to meet your individual business needs.


In which direction is the market developing? We’re creating innovative solutions to find out and apply this information to your business.


Have you noticed that your company is often slow to pick up on the latest trends? Our proprietary algorithms keep you ahead of the curve by extracting market trends from the non-conscious and applying them to messaging metaphors and memory structures for advertising.


Metaphors are the language of the non-conscious mind. They hold the keys to the innovations we seek, representing the collective evolution of human desire and directing us toward messaging that resonates with consumers. We’ve learned to extract these metaphors from the non-conscious and apply them to brand positioning and framing.


We build AI and ML-based applications for medical condition management to change the lifestyles and habits of your patients and customers.


We develop groundbreaking market solutions exclusive to the human physical senses of smell, taste, and hearing.


Can fragrances created by ML parallel – or even improve upon – those designed by master perfumers? We’re creating an artificial nose by harnessing the powers of embedded memory structures in the non-conscious and applying them to the human olfactory sense.


Can flavors developed by ML compete with the creations of master chefs? We’re developing algorithms to design flavors based on embedded memory structures from the non-conscious. An artificial tongue, you could say.


An artificial ear – a possibility, or the realm of science fiction? We’re working with talented musicians to algorithmically extract emotions from music, recreate them, and use the results to create proprietary music for ads and brands.


We keep you ahead of your competitors by developing creative, high-tech solutions.


We leverage turnkey business intelligence and competitor analytics by using AI and ML algorithms to inform strategic business objectives like profit maximization and operation capacity management. Infusing AI and ML with neuroscience, we create and identify opportunities for optimizing promotions and modulating promotion language.


Looking for a more scientific approach to brand messaging? We create custom messaging by algorithmically extracting storylines from embedded memory structures in the non-conscious.


We use a principle component analysis and factor analysis based ranking engines to generate more sales leads.